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How we helped a car financing client reach the front page


The challenge

The client needed help improving their overall online presence. They were spending thousands each month on advertising and converting a fraction of the traffic. The website was on page 4-5 of Google for key terms the client was targeting.


  • Increase organic traffic for relevant key terms.
  • Improve conversion rate for finance applications.
  • Publish regular content to educate and inform website visitors.
Through our digital PR efforts, the client has been featured in:

Client feedback

"Breakline couples speed with accuracy to deliver high-quality results. They're responsive, transparent, communicative, and provide great customer service. Formerly, there were about 4–5% of applications coming in through our platform, now there’s about 40–45%. This is all due to Breakline, what they’ve done for us is immense."
Chris Lowdon

The result

After only 12 months of SEO with Breakline the client has seen an increase of 865.81% in organic traffic, 300% increase in conversions and over 400 keywords on front page of Google.

The client was getting 85 finance applications from Organic Traffic each month. After 12 months of SEO with Breakline, the client was getting 617 applications. A 625.88% increase.

Due to our digital PR efforts the client has been featured in over 200 news and media sites. Our content team also published to date over 150 pieces of content on the client's website.


Media placements


Pieces of content published


Organic keywords in top 10