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Digital PR is a marketing service specifically designed to increase a brand’s digital footprint, often for a specific target market. By utilising high-quality content and its relationships with media outlets, Breakline produces regular Digital PR results for clients.
  • Over 10 years experience in Digital PR
  • Proven track record and results focused
  • Highly rated by many clients
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"Great company, have performed well above our expectations and have always been on hand to communicate with us. Would give more stars if we could."
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Through our digital PR efforts, our clients have been featured in:

Our Digital PR process

As a reputable digital PR agency, Breakline strives to get your business high-quality media coverage from internationally-recognized and respected online publications and news sources, which in turn gives your website more exposure to a specific audience. Our focus is on engaging your potential customers and acquiring high-quality links.


Quality Content

Identifying and creating high-quality content that adds value to your target market.


Media coverage

Building and maintaining relationships with internationally-recognized media outlets.


PR results

Ultimately, the goal of Digital PR is to positively affect your search engine ranking and visibility.

We are highly recommended by our clients

We’ve seen significant growth in our traffic, and our search rankings have improved.

David Gale
Managing Director - Exciting Escapes
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Create brand awareness, visibility, and growth with Digital PR

A Digital PR agency can help your business quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in improving your current Digital PR strategy or implementing a strategy for the first time, reach out to Breakline to see how we could help move the needle toward success for you and your business.

Are you ready to cut out the guesswork and team up with a dedicated team of Digital PR professionals ready to take your brand visibility, rank, and traffic to the next level?

Are you ready to outrank your competition?

Still not convinced? See how we helped other clients!

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Digital PR FAQs

These are the most asked questions about our digital PR services.

Why is Digital PR important?

Having a business without Digital PR is like running a marathon without training at all. You can do it, but the results might not what you had in mind.

You could have a groundbreaking product or service with a vast target market, but it will prove hard to sell if nobody sees that product or service.

Digital PR is a powerful technique that can drastically increase a business’ presence and perceived value.

By connecting and sharing information with your target market through PR channels, you’re able to effectively communicate what your business is about at any time of day.

You can spread news and clarify your focus quicker than ever before.

Can I stop the digital PR campaign at any time?

Once you start your digital PR campaign with us you would need to commit to a minimum term of 12 months.

What is Digital PR?

In contrast to traditional PR (or public relations), Digital PR is most commonly done exclusively through online channels. It is defined as the intersection of content marketing, traditional PR, social media, and SEO.

In the simplest terms, Digital PR is a strategy used to evolve a business’ online presence.

Instead of using print media adverts as in years past, companies are now opting to use Digital PR agencies to deploy strategies such as blog content, email sequences, podcasts, and others to reach potential customers through the internet.

Did you know? A single piece of optimised content can keep targeted traffic funnelling into your website for years to come.

What is a Digital PR agency?

A Digital PR agency is a business that helps other businesses improve their web presence through a wide array of strategies that include, but are not limited to:

- Creating and publishing high-quality online content for client websites.
- Creating and publishing high-quality online content for well-known news sources with a do-follow link to client websites.
- Preparing online press releases about products or services optimised with relevant links.
- Building and maintaining relationships with journalists and traditional public relations officers.
- Analysing data trends, content gaps, and client competition.

Digital PR agencies aim to get their clients’ product or service in front of specific and targeted markets through buyer personas, search analytics, and keyword research. Agencies then analyse that information to most effectively execute the strategies listed above.