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We're an award-winning SEO agency near Portsmouth. Over the last ten years, our exceptional team has delivered fantastic results for our clients.

We know what works in SEO and can't wait to help your business climb the search engine result pages and boost your performance.

With a unique and data-driven approach to SEO, we'll efficiently help your business achieve its digital goals.
  • Highly rated SEO Agency in Portsmouth

  • Offering results focused SEO services

  • Over 10 years experience in SEO

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"We managed to break onto page 1 on our most sought after search terms which is an astounding achievement."
Armen Mirzoian - Cloud9


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Our Portsmouth SEO services

We're a top SEO agency in Portsmouth and have highly experienced staff capable of delivering the best results for our clients. Our team is composed of staff that are experts in all the SEO services that we offer, ensuring that you get exceptional results no matter what you choose. We only offer the best SEO services. Unlike other agencies, we don't try to offer every SEO service under the sun. We value quality over quantity and overperform in each of our carefully selected services.

technical seo services Guildford

Technical SEO

The back-end of your website influences your SEO the most. Make sure that the structure of your website is optimal with our Technical SEO service. We provide a technical SEO audit and strategy to fine-tune your website and ensure that it offers the best user experience possible.

local seo agency Guildford

Local SEO

There's no benefit in marketing to a global audience if they can't access your product. Use local SEO to target valuable customers close to your business's location so that you can maximise sales and become the leading brand in your local area.  

ecommerce seo services Guildford

eCommerce SEO

A good eCommerce SEO strategy can boost sales and help your online storefront become more visible. Attract customers who are passionate about your products and services and become the on-trend store in your industry.

b2b seo services


Trying to attract other businesses is different from marketing to customers. Use B2B SEO to target the keywords other business leaders are using and boost your authority and expertise to help you make the sale.

content marketing

Content Marketing

Your content is the primary tool you have to portray your brand. Ensure that you're sharing the right message with Content Marketing. We have a talented team of writers who can help your content rank while creating valuable copy users want to read.

digital pr

Digital PR

Having your business appear on the leading news websites can help improve your authority and audience reach. We know how to get you featured. Use our digital PR to grow your business and become breaking news.

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Our Portsmouth SEO process

Over the years, we've developed an established SEO process that we use to guide all of our campaigns. Regardless of your budget or contract length, we'll implement this detailed and proven process to help us better understand your business, its goals, and requirements. By carefully following our robust process, our SEO company in Portsmouth can provide an effective strategy for your business.


Keyword analysis

We start each SEO process with an in-depth keyword analysis. This is crucial to know what target keywords will benefit your business. Our Portsmouth SEO service uses the top technology and software to create a list of golden-standard keywords that will be effective and help you rank. Each keyword will be relevant and have the power to boost your performance and digital performance.


Quality content

We have some of the best content writers in the game and use a unique approach to create content designed for users, not search engines and algorithms. This helps us to create content that will stand out and engage your target audience, helping to turn your business into a thought leader in your industry. We follow SEO best practices and know what it takes to create content that ranks and that boosts your performance.  


PR results

Our content writing, SEO, and Digital PR efforts all come together to deliver effective PR results. Following our process, your business will feature on high-value news sites and digital platforms, which can vastly improve authority and attract new users. Getting this kind of press can do wonders for your business. To provide the most effective results possible, we'll review your target audience to ensure you appear on websites they're engaging with.

We are highly recommended by our clients

We’ve seen significant growth in our traffic, and our search rankings have improved. The content they produce is great and has gotten excellent feedback. They’ve delivered what we expected and hoped would come from the collaboration.

David Gale
Managing Director - Exciting Escapes
Rated 5/5

In-house SEO resources

We're an authentic bunch here at Breakline, with one of our core values being transparency. Unlike other agencies, everything we do is completed in-house: we'll never even dream of outsourcing SEO works. This means you'll always have one of our committed and highly-skilled team members working on your project. We believe we're the best at what we do, so there's no need to get outside support.

We also value collaboration. That's why our SEO agency in Portsmouth endeavours to maintain consistent communication with our clients. We'll deliver regular reports and updates so that you always clearly know how your campaigns are performing.

Our goal is to supply a bespoke service to your business that achieves your desires. You can be as involved in our process as you want or stand by the wayside to let our talented team work independently for you.

We know how to get the job done. Your digital marketing is in steady hands when you use our Portsmouth SEO services.

Are you ready to outrank your competition?

We are a results focused Portsmouth SEO Agency

Everything that we do is driven to complete a specific end goal. We always calculate our actions and use data and previous experience to influence our processes and actions.

When we work with your business, we'll use the most advanced software to analyse your current strategy and create a bespoke, step-by-step plan to improve your business's performance.

We aim to work efficiently, using a formulated approach to ensure that there's no wasted time and that we achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

We take great care in fully understanding your business so that we can deliver the perfect service to suit your needs. When you start working with our SEO company in Portsmouth, you'll get a result-focused service driven by our committed team.


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Portsmouth SEO services FAQs

These are the most asked questions about our Portsmouth SEO services.

How much do you charge for SEO services?

Each campaign will have its own bespoke price based on the industry your business operates in and your chosen contract length. With that said, our prices start at £1K + VAT a month. Contact our SEO agency in Portsmouth to get a quote for your project.

How long does it take to achieve results with SEO?

SEO produces impressive results for your business, but not instant results. Once you start an SEO campaign, it can take a few months for you to see a change in your performance. This is because Google needs to crawl through and index the changes that you've made, which can take time. We implement new SEO campaigns within two weeks to help you get results quickly.

What do you need from me to get started?

We need as much information as possible about your business and website. We would also need to send you a quote and a contract. Our campaigns are a minimum of 12 months term.

Is SEO still effective in 2022?

SEO is as effective as ever and can be the marketing tool that helps you stand out. As more businesses turn to PPC, it has created a competitive and expensive market, where companies have to overpay to rank. With SEO, you can save money and build a campaign that helps you rank for the long term.

Can I stop the SEO campaign at any time?

All our SEO campaigns run for a minimum of 12 months. This is to ensure that we can adequately manage your campaign and that your results last a long time. SEO is a long-term commitment and is not a quick fix.

What area do you cover?

We have years of experience launching nationwide campaigns; however, we've now shifted our focus to the local market. Being based in Portsmouth, we're now opting to work with businesses located in the South-east of England as we believe that we can provide a better service for those near us.

How long does it take to start an SEO campaign?

We are very quick when starting new SEO campaigns since we have several processes in place. It can take 1-2 weeks to start a new SEO campaign depending on how much planning we need to do.

What is SEO?

SEO is the driving force that gets your business seen online. Standing for search engine optimisation, the process of SEO is making changes to your website and digital content to help it rank higher on search engine result pages. Good SEO can help your website get more traffic from valuable users.

Can't I do SEO myself?

To get the most out of your SEO, it should be implemented by industry experts who have the experience, skills, and tools to get the job done. You can attempt to do SEO yourself, but you'll struggle to achieve valuable results, and it's also very easy to make mistakes that can damage your performance. SEO is a technical process. To get the best out of it, use our professional SEO agency in Portsmouth that can provide a winning service.

Isn't PPC better than SEO?

SEO is by far the optimal digital marketing method, and we have the results to prove it. PPC is a short-term strategy that can help you rank for the duration that you fund it, but once you stop, you'll find that your ranking will drop almost instantly. The effort that you put into SEO now will help your website for a long time.