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We're a highly skilled SEO company in Southampton. Our team is filled with the brightest minds in the industry and are highly trained so that they can help your business thrive online.

Our SEO agency in Southampton can improve your search engine rankings and increase your visibility. We offer the services that matter the most and are one of the best in the UK at delivering them.
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"We managed to break onto page 1 on our most sought after search terms which is an astounding achievement."
Armen Mirzoian - Cloud9


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Our Southampton SEO services

We offer a carefully assembled suite of SEO services, focusing on a select few that allows us to provide an exceptional service for your business. We can't offer you everything, but what we can offer is bespoke, calculated services that will help improve your SEO performance. We're committed to your success, and these services will help us achieve that.

technical seo services Guildford

Technical SEO

The back-end performance of your website heavily influences your SEO. We provide a robust technical SEO audit to spot problems and create a strategy to improve and boost your website's user experience.

local seo agency Guildford

Local SEO

Become the go-to brand in your community with Local SEO. With our service, you'll target valuable customers near you to boost the performance of your business and attract local users who matter the most to your business.

ecommerce seo services Guildford

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce can turn your online storefront into a high-performing digital marketplace. Find users ready to purchase your quality products, and do so without blowing your budget. Get noticed, and turn your products into the hottest items with eCommerce SEO.

b2b seo services


A top-performing B2B SEO strategy can get your business seen by business leaders and key decision-makers in your industry. Target keywords that other companies are using and showcase your authority, expertise and quality to secure contracts with other companies.

content marketing

Content Marketing

The content your business produces demonstrates the quality of your brand. Send the right message with our Content Writing Services. Share engaging copy that helps your business rank and that positions your business as a thought-leader.

digital pr

Digital PR

Getting press coverage online can boost your authority and attract more website users. With our Digital PR, we know how to get you featured on the top websites related to your industry.

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Our Southampton SEO process

We follow a defined process when working with all our clients. Sculpted over the years and tweaked along the way, we use this proven process to get the results your business needs. No matter your business's budget, our SEO agency in Southampton will take the time to understand your business, its goals, and requirements to build a bespoke campaign that delivers. When following our process, we can build an efficient strategy that will be bespoke to your needs.


Keyword analysis

All of our campaigns begin with an in-depth and essential keywords analysis. We'll use our years of experience to identify the golden-standard keywords to target to ensure your rankings will rise. By implementing the latest technology and software, we'll find relevant and high-value keywords to ensure that our SEO efforts are as effective as possible. Focusing on search intent, keyword difficulty, and search volume, we'll find prime keywords capable of supercharging your SEO.


Quality content

The content your business publishes is the first way customers learn about your business. To ensure that you're presenting your business in the best way, our team of experienced content writers will produce meaningful copy that will engage with your customers and help you improve your website performance. We don't write content that's just designed for search engines. Instead, we use all the tools available to us to create content that users will be excited about reading, helping to turn your brand into a thought leader in your industry.


PR results

Our content, SEO, and PR processes are all geared to getting your business featured on high-authority and valuable news outlets. We know how to generate a buzz around your business, and our process will get you PR results that can boost your authority, attract new users, and help you become a recognised brand in your industry. To ensure that we're placing you on suitable sites, we'll review your audience and target the websites they actively engage with.

We are highly recommended by our clients

We’ve seen significant growth in our traffic, and our search rankings have improved. The content they produce is great and has gotten excellent feedback. They’ve delivered what we expected and hoped would come from the collaboration.

David Gale
Managing Director - Exciting Escapes
Rated 5/5

In-house resources

Breakline is a 100% authentic agency; what you see is what you get. That means that, unlike other SEO agencies, all our SEO work is completed in-house by our dedicated team of specialists. We'll never outsource SEO work, and we'll never cut corners. We believe our team is most equipped to complete the job, so we don't need to seek outside assistance.

Our Southampton SEO agency also values transparency. That's why we'll always keep you in the know regarding the progress of your campaign. We'll create regular reports and updates so that you'll always be aware of what we're working on, whos working on it, and why we're doing it in the first place.

You're in total control throughout the entire SEO campaign. You have the final say in every key decision, and you can be as involved in the project as you desire. Our team is capable of working alongside you to get results, or we can operate independently to achieve your goals.

Our Southampton SEO company is one of the best in the UK, so your digital marketing is in the best hands.

Are you ready to outrank your competition?

Results focused SEO services in Southampton

Data influences everything we do, and our processes are geared to get the results your business needs. Using analysis and our past experience, all our actions are carefully considered to always use the most efficient and effective course of action available to us. That's why we take the time to deeply understand your business so that we can implement a tailor-made plan.

We only use the best standards to achieve our goals, using cutting-edge practices and software to inform our work. Our calculated approach is what sets us apart from other agencies and allows us to help your business outperform your competitors. We make sure that your rank for the terms that get results, and we don't target vanity metrics. Instead, we're committed to helping your business cut through the noise by providing the most efficient SEO service on the market.


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Southampton SEO services FAQs

These are the most asked questions about our Southampton SEO services.

How much do you charge for SEO services?

Our prices begin at £1K +VAT a month at their lowest price. How much your campaign will cost you will depend on factors such as your contract length and your business's industry. Get in touch with our Southampton SEO company to find your own quote.

How long does it take to achieve results with SEO?

SEO takes time to work. It's not a quick fix and will require commitment over a few months. With that said, once SEO starts to make changes to your online performance, these changes will be long-lasting and influence your ranking for a long time.

The reason SEO takes a while is that the changes you make need to be registered by Google. This process can take a while, as Google has to crawl through a massive number of pages daily.

What do you need from me to get started?

We need as much information as possible about your business and website. We would also need to send you a quote and a contract. Our campaigns are a minimum of 12 months term.

Is SEO still effective in 2022?

SEO is still super effective in 2022 and could be the marketing method your business needs to stand out. As many companies opt for PPC, it's turned that technique into a crowded and competitive market. With SEO, you can save money and get organic traffic that can help you outperform the business who are solely focused on PPC.

Can I stop the SEO campaign at any time?

We offer campaigns that last a minimum of 12 months. This is because SEO is a commitment, and to get the best results; you need to spend time to ensure that it remains effective long after the campaign is over.

What area do you cover?

We provide SEO services to businesses located in the southeast of England. Being an SEO agency near Southampton, we feel that we can provide the best service to businesses in our local market. Although we've had great success with companies around the nation in the past, this shift in approach allows us to perform to even higher standards.

How long does it take to start an SEO campaign?

We are very quick when starting new SEO campaigns since we have several processes in place. It can take 1-2 weeks to start a new SEO campaign depending on how much planning we need to do.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of making changes to your website and digital presence to make your business more visible online. Standing for search engine optimisation, the end goal of SEO is to make your website rank for the most relevant search terms for your business.

Can't I do SEO myself?

SEO is best left to a professional. It's technical, requires a lot of skill, and you'll get the best results when you use a specialist agency such as our Southampton SEO company.

Isn't PPC better than SEO?

We believe that SEO is far superior to PPC, and our past performances support this. PPC can be great if you want a short-term boost in ranking and traffic. However, it can be expensive, and once you stop funding PPC, your performance can plummet. SEO is cheaper and provides results for the long term, making it the better option over the course of a year.